The MD6 Bass Augmentation Speaker System

Presenting The MD Series Bass Augmentation Speaker System

The audio spectrum that human beings can hear is listed as frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hertz (Hz), or cycles per second. Doubling, or halving a frequency, equals one octave. There are ten octaves in this audio spectrum. Subwoofers usually cover the lowest two octaves of 20Hz to 80Hz. The main satellite speakers cover the remaining eight octaves. The objective of a sub/sat system is to acoustically blend together seamlessly creating the acoustic response of a very large full range system. Subwoofers are also incorporated into home theater systems to realistically reproduce the power of explosions and other visceral low frequency sound effects.

Physics dictates that to reproduce low frequencies with power and authority, a subwoofer driver must move (push & pull) a lot of air. Because a driver’s linear travel is limited by design constraints, a large diameter is the logical solution. Because of a large driver’s moving mass, the response is usually “slower” then that of the associated (much smaller driver) satellite system. This translates into compromising the transient response of the system as it cannot track
the incoming signal as faithfully as the smaller satellite system can. Therefore, a seamless acoustic result is usually unattainable. This is the main reason for the design of the MD6 Bass Augmentation Speaker System. There are additional benefits of this design as well.

The MD6 utilizes six 6.5” drivers. These drivers are designed for low frequency audio reproduction. These six drivers combine acoustically to move as much air as a 16” subwoofer while maintaining the reaction time of a 6.5” speaker. These drivers are mounted in an opposing configuration, three on each side of the enclosure. They are wired in phase which creates a vibration canceling effect. This also allows for a vertically designed enclosure taking up less floor space than a typical large cube shaped subwoofer enclosure.

This vibration canceling design also contributes to the system’s transient behavior because the enclosure cannot give way to the forces exerted on it.

Realistic low frequency audio reproduction requires large amounts of amplifier power. Typical subwoofer design must consider this in the design of the driver incorporated. Heavy duty voice coil assemblies add to a driver’s moving mass. The MD6’s six drivers split the driving amplifier’s power, allowing for effortless, low distortion performance.

Accepting “Hoffman’s Iron Law” (Josef Anton Hoffman), modern subwoofer designs usually incorporate extreme electronic manipulation, especially low frequency boost. This enables these systems to provide impressive measured results using low level signals. However, as the output demands increase, the system must respond with frequency limiting, as well as compression (volume limiting) to maintain safe operating parameters.

The MD6 operates strictly in the acoustic domain (It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!). Utilizing a modified vented alignment provides flat acoustic in room response into the low 20Hz range. This type system exhibits impressive transient response. The modification incorporated ensures accurate low frequency performance in real world in-room conditions. Room gain has been taken into account.



Six 6.5” special long throw drivers move as much air as a 15”subwoofer while responding with the agility of a 6.5” unit.

Six voice coils sharing the driving amplifier’s power produce effortless, low distortion performance.

Mounting 3 + 3 in an opposing boxer style arrangement cancels out cabinet vibration. This arrangement also, and more importantly, improves the system’s already impressive transient response. The enclosure cannot give way to the drivers.


The enclosure is constructed of .75” MDF. Baffles are 3” thick. Internal bracing is .75” MDF with round over edges to reduce internal turbulence. Baffle 6 point bracing is accomplished with 1” round dowels which are also anchored to the internal bracing. Overall, a very inert and structurally robust cabinet.


Enclosure construction is performed on a precision CNC machine utilizing dado and rabbet joint construction. Baffles incorporate 6point internal bracing. Front, top and back panels are also internally braced. Available in a unique textured finish: Dark Crystal or Arctic White. Designer colors are available.


System is vented to the front with a 4” diameter vent flared on both ends for reduced turbulence.

  • Flat response to 25Hz in room.
  • – 3dB @ 22Hz -10dB @ 18Hz
  • 86dB sensitivity
  • 6Ω nominal impedance
  • Power – 100 to 1000 watts
  • Weight – 98 pounds
  • Dimensions – 18” W x 14” D x 35.5” H
  • Warranty – 5 Years – Transferable
  • MSRP – $6,750.00

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“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. That is the name of the game with the MD6 Bass Augmentation Speaker System. We listened for a couple of songs with the subwoofer engaged, and all was right with the room. Once we removed the subwoofer, it was a different story. Like spoiled children, we whined and complained for the sub to become active again. Not to say that the subwoofer’s nature was to be heard or identified during listening, it’s just that it sweetens the low end and aids in creating space so well, that we can’t ignore its absence.”

Part Time Audiphile – Eric Franklin Shook

“Backert Labs and RJS Acoustics really brought on a truly impressive grouping of high-end audio gear here at Florida Audio Expo 2019. Here’s proof that with the properly chosen gear that has synergy, you can create a truly remarkable music listening system.”

Enjoy The Music – Steven r. Rochlin

The Florida Audio Expo brought to light companies I never knew existed — Saint Petersburg-based RJS acoustics, for example, maker of the MD6 Bass Augmentation Speaker System (B.A.S.S.). Don’t let the fancy name fool you; it’s a subwoofer, though it has some interesting wrinkles to the design. Instead of using one really big woofer, the MD6 has six 6.5″ woofers, mounted three and three on opposing sides. The company claims the six smaller woofers combined can move as much air as a 16″ woofer, but with greater agility. The company also says that the MD6 reaches down to 25Hz, flat, with no equalization applied. Furthermore, since the woofers are mounted on opposing sides of the cabinet, all operating in phase, their forces cancel out each others’ vibrations that would otherwise be introduced into the cabinet. Powering the MD6 is a 1000W external amplifier that has phase, crossover, and level controls, as well as a parametric equalizer.”

SoundStage! Global – Doug Schneider

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