The MD2 is an exciting design using the same concepts as the MD6 but with 2 drivers per enclosure. This smaller design has also been configured to work in a “free standing” location within the room. It does not require the room gain effect of wall placement.

It is meant to be used in pairs. They would move the same amount of air as a 13 inch subwoofer when used this way. This also opens up the possibilities of using them as stereo subs. The primary design goals were to be able to operate in the same “time zone” as the speakers they are working with. This is a definite advantage when used with panel type speakers.

Another application is to be used as speaker stands for smaller high performance satellite speakers. They are a good height to be used in this manner. It is also generally acknowledged that utilizing multiple subwoofers will smooth out irregular standing waves within the listening room.



The four 6.5” HD long throw drivers in each pair of MD2’s move as much air as a 12” subwoofer while responding with the agility of a 6.5” unit. Sold in pairs.
Four voice coils* sharing the driving amplifier’s power produce effortless, low distortion performance.
Mounting in an opposing boxer-style arrangement cancels out cabinet vibration. This arrangement also, and more importantly, improves the system’s already impressive transient response. The enclosure cannot give way to the drivers.

Enclosure construction is performed on a precision CNC machine utilizing dado and rabbet joint construction. The internal structure incorporates 12-point internal bracing using 3 shelf braces. Available in a unique textured finish: Dark Crystal or Arctic White.

The enclosure is constructed of .75” MDF. Internal shelf bracing is .75” MDF with round over edges to reduce internal turbulence. Overall, a very inert and structurally robust cabinet.
The system is vented to the rear with a 2” diameter vent flared on both ends for reduced turbulence.
  • Flat response to 28Hz in room.
  • – 3dB @ 25Hz -10dB @ 20Hz
  • 83dB sensitivity each
  • 8Ω nominal impedance each
  • Power – 40 to 400 watts each
  • Weight – 41 pounds each
  • Dimensions – 8” W x 11” D x 35” H
  • Warranty – 5 Years – Transferable
  • MSRP – $3,250.00 / pair

*When used in pairs as a mono system

Available At Manufactures Direct Pricing
Conditions Apply

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SoundStage! Global

Jason Davis –


What’s Fresh at the Florida Audio Expo? RJS Acoustics

…I didn’t have to go far to find an experience that literally changed my (however flawed) understanding of a particular type of product, and one that the two-channel crowd still hasn’t completely embraced.

I asked owner/designer John Schunk to play “Everything in Its Right Place” from Radiohead’s Kid A, the synthy and eclectic 2000 release that shook up the alternative-rock industry. The song is sparse, but
the opening synthesizer is full, like a building wave that arcs and yet refuses to break. In some systems that feature a subwoofer, the opening synth notes are forceful and overpowering. The synth waves crash; it washes over you. This is the idea that people my age or younger have grown up with, that if you don’t feel the subwoofer—or in car audio, that if the trunk hasn’t created a rattling-induced distortion—you’re doing it wrong.

In the sweet spot, the MD2s filled in the lowest octaves without pretension or pronouncement. Bodybuilders and fitness buffs don’t need to flex to impress, and so, too, the MD2 doesn’t.

The Absolute Sound

Alan Taffel

Now we turn to my favorite new product of the show: the RJS MD2 Bass Augmentation Speakers. RJS abhors the term subwoofer because most of them utilize large woofers that are, RJS feels, unacceptably slow-sounding. In contrast, RJS “subs” use multiple small drivers to move a similar amount of air but with greater alacrity. I loved the MD6 introduced at FLAX 2020, and I love the smaller, less expensive MD2 ($2750/pr.) even more. At FLAX, RJS boldly exhibited the MD2’s flanking a pair of Magnepan LRS, one of the world’s fastest speakers. The two blended seamless in a combination that sounded like Maggies with more bass. I predict hotcake-like sales.

The RJS/Magnepan/PS Audio/Dayton The least expensive system I encountered at FLAX was also one of the best-sounding. In fact, I seriously considered this room for Best in Show. I’ve already described RJS MD2 subs (oops…Bass Augmentation Speakers) that so perfectly complemented the Magnepan LRS speakers. PS Audio electronics (circa $3500) powered the Maggies, which were run wide open, while a $500 Dayton Audio amp with built-in low-pass filter drove the MD2s. That sums up to around $10k, yet I didn’t hear instruments sound more realistic anywhere else in the show. I also heard superb dynamics and plenty of low-end power. From a value standpoint, this was clearly the most inspirational system at the show.

Enjoy The Music

Chuck Bruce

RJS Acoustics was showcasing their remarkable MD-2 Bass Augmentation System (actually subwoofers) to flesh out the low frequencies in bass shy main speaker systems such as certain panel speakers. Offered in freestanding, mid-height tower pairs with multiple smaller drivers and placed close to the main speakers. The units are self-powered by Dayton modular solid-state amps, they are easy to integrate and if adjusted properly are only detected when needed in the music program. The demonstration herein was remarkable, especially with the modest size and cost of the Maggie LRS loudspeakers demonstrated here. Integration was the best I’ve ever heard in this situation. Congrats to the designers of St. Petersburg, Fl! Bass starved panel owners should rejoice (other designs would likely benefit as well).

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