There is a difference between hearing and listening.

We design and build for those who listen.

Subwoofers have evolved into an engineering exercise. MORE BASS seems to be the objective.

If you believe MORE IS BETTER then you should purchase a subwoofer.

On the other hand…

If you believe in FAITHFULLY reproducing low frequency content to help your speakers sound like a full range system then we invite you to consider…



An Acoustically Optimized Alternative



What Makes the MD Series Different

This Patent Pending design is more than just using smaller, faster drivers mounted in opposition to cancel mechanical vibration. In the case of a pair of MD2’s we move as much air as a 12” subwoofer. The MD6, a 15” subwoofer. All while maintaining the precision & agility of a 6.5” driver design.

Due to our Patent Pending status, we can’t go into some of the design parameters that differentiate us from the typical way of designing subwoofers. But I can explain some of the things we are NOT doing like most others.

For instance, we are not incorporating the electronic band-aids used to help a compromised acoustic design function. Some subwoofers incorporate up to 12dB(!) of boost to reach into the lowest frequencies.

We are operating strictly in the acoustic domain. This is only one of the reasons why our designs blend so seamlessly with speaker systems which, usually, also have to operate within the laws of acoustics. Sound is natural and full-bodied.

We are not designing our systems to overpower, dominate or overtake the sound of your speakers. We are designing to augment the low-frequency extension of your speakers. Seamlessly. Organically. Naturally. Your speakers should be the star of the show. Our MD Series will help them perform and sound like large full-range designs.

We also look at audio systems as being able to recreate a realistic sense of scale. You can tell a piano is a piano listening to a clock radio. But you could not be fooled into thinking there’s a real piano on your nightstand.

Most audiophiles would agree that a small subwoofer has better sound quality than a large driver design. There are many reasons for this, all of which we address in our designs. Small subwoofers will tend to sacrifice the sense of scale needed for realistic low-frequency reproduction. There just isn’t enough surface area to reproduce low frequencies with a sense of realistic authority. We overcome this issue by utilizing multiple smaller drivers.

We believe the MD series addresses the sensibilities of those who are determined to achieve and enjoy faithful Full Range Audio Reproduction.


Designed, Engineered and Hand Crafted In The USA.

“a truly remarkable music listening system.”

Enjoy The Music – Steven R. Rochlin

“…a convincing proof of conept.”

Part Time Audiophile – Eric Franklin Shook

“To prove the MD6’s speed, RJS bodly paired it with the Maggie LRS speakers. The two systems integrated seamlessly, which was quite a testament.”

The Absolute Sound – Alan Taffel
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