There is debate about whether an audio system should sound accurate or musical. We feel an audio system should sound faithful. This might only sound (pun intended) like a play on words, but it does describe where we are coming from.

Accuracy is sometimes attributed to resolution. The higher the resolution the more accurate a system is perceived to be. When was the last time you went to an Art Gallery to view the paintings with a magnifying glass?

That kind of resolution goes beyond what the artist intended you to see. And what about sounding musical? If anything, we lean more towards this way of thinking. However, taken too far it becomes a form of distortion. Sort of like seeing life through rose-colored glasses.

To us, faithful reproduction allows a clear and emotional connection to whatever performance you are listening to. The artist created it. The engineers captured it. You should be able to hear it. All of it. As is was meant to be heard.

Our small part in all this is to introduce you to the foundation of sound reproduction. A natural, unprocessed sounding low end to supplement, or augment, the low-frequency extension of your loudspeaker system. We describe it as Power & Authority with Discipline & Control. And we achieve this without electronic manipulation. It’s all performed in the acoustic domain.

We call them: Bass Augmentation Speaker Systems. The MD Series. We’ll let others say whether we’ve achieved our goal or not. You can read what others have said about us so far HERE.


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