(9) The ABC’s of DSP and You

I’ve made a big deal about us not using any form of electronic help, or manipulation, to achieve our goal of providing natural sounding low frequency audio reproduction. This does not mean that we don’t believe in using DSP, otherwise known as Digital Signal Processing. We just don’t use it in our Bass Augmentation Speaker Systems. Our designs operate within the laws of acoustics and don’t need no stinkin’ help…

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(8) Secrets To More Better Sound

Building loudspeaker enclosures with better internal damping materials will result in much more better sound. Kind of goes without saying.

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(7) The Best of The Best of The Best

There is no such thing as The Best. Sorry ’bout that. There’s good, pretty good, really good, wow, that’s exceptionally good and better then good. But The Best? I don’t think so. And here’s why:

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(6) The Kamikaze 2000

Something that drives me crazy is when a Manufacturer comes out with a “New & Improved” model. It goes something like this: “The Kamikaze 2000, series II, is so much better than the original. Hardly anything from the original Kamikaze 2000 has been used in this far superior series II version. Here at the Earschplittenloudenboomer Audio Group we are very pleased with this new and improved version of the original Kamikaze 2000.”

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(5) Subwoofers and Speed

There is a misconception that subwoofers are slow. If they could only be fast then there would be no issues with seamlessly blending them with speakers. I call this a misconception because speed, in and of itself, is actually a function of loudness…

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(4) Displacement

When it comes to reproducing low frequencies with authority and a proper sense of scale there is no substitute for size. There is no replacement for displacement. It’s not that you have to go big to go low…

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(3) A Magnepans Best Friend

There is something magical about the way a Magnepan speaker couples to the room and to our ears. I’m not here to promote the brand. Those are just my observations. And my opinion. And I know I’m not alone…

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(2) You Want Me To Plug Up What?

This rant is to explain why I recommend blocking the vents (or ports) in your satellite speaker to help them seamlessly blend in with a subwoofer. Any subwoofer that is. Not just ours. Of course, if your satellite speakers are a sealed design, then, well, no need to read any further…

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(1) What Is A Subwoofer?

It seems that today’s subwoofers are more of an engineering exercise then anything else. Engineers, just gotta love ‘em. Subwoofers were originally passive, like most speakers were. Most speakers are still passive. And like most speakers this means that they had to operate and function within the laws of acoustics. Not a bad thing. Actually, a completely natural sounding thing…

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